Alphabet des Ankommens / Alphabet of Arrival

»Alphabet of Arrival« is a project by the German Comics Association and is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb). All comic reportages were produced during a workshop that took place in Hamburg in March 2017 which I led together with Lilian Pithan. Journalists and comic artists from ten different countries report on how migration influences people and nations around the globe. Contains works of Augusto Paim, Marlin van Soest, Muhammad Al Ajeel, Julia Kluge, Marlene Goetz, Hannah Brinkmann, Christina Heuschen, Magdalena Kaszuba, Elend Sheikhi, Burcu Türker, Fady Jomar, Mukhtar, Asma Al Abidi, Ilki Kocer, Nathalie Frank, Dan Allon, Jens Wiesner, Markus Köninger, Ahmed Mohammed Omer, Alice Socal, Marcel Raabe, Johannes Stahl, Silke Weber, Simone Kesting.

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Cover design © Arne Bellstorf / bpb